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I need some help with fitting alarm on 407. Anybody done it?
On servicebox with my VIN part number 9671.9H came up in accesories, so I bought one.
I have 2008 restyling model with, I guess, BSI Evolution. This BSI is different from the one in earlier model. Alarm unit should connect on BSI with 6 pin connector, and that connector is different, it can't fit altought it has 6 pins and it looks pretty much the same at first look. In alarm's manual stands that I should find some wires that are left in factory for alarm fitting, 4 of them (grey, blue, red and yellow/green), but I've found 5 (blue, blue, red, yellow and green). So I guess that there must be some other part number for the alarm that will suite my 407, but I can not find one. Only this alarm came up on the intrenet for 407. Price is between 200 and 300 euros, and I found one in Slovenia for 65euros on sale if someone's interested.
Sorry for my English :)

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