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Just recently bought a petrol 807 2.0 glx on a 53 plate . The kids love it , and my partner doesnt drive so I chaffeur the whole famly around.
Got into the car today and the passenger rear window is not working ,from the front drivers switch and the rear switch.
My partner Lee ( being a man ) went out to try and fix it.
My 9 yr old son has Aspergers as was originally sitting behind me the driver and has now moved seats to the other side. So we assume he has fiddled with it and broke it .
The whole unit including the air vent was wedged in with black tape so the whole unit really needs to be changed .
When the switch was removed it was only held on on one side . So we assumed we needed a new switch .
Instead of ordering one off Ebay, I suggested to remove the other switch to see if it is the switch we need to change .
It didnt work , so we thought it must be the switch . Now the working switch has been replaced that is not working either. Have we done something wrong ?
Help lady in distress.
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