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New member, from Norway. So I have to excuse my bad English.
But I will try to explain as good as I can.
I'm trying to find out what a ticking noise from my 807 comes from.
(807, 2,2 hdi 2006, 217000 km. (209000km when I bought it.) Timing belt was changed about 195000km.
I had one mechanic said it was the manifold, another said it's your diesel fuel injectors gasket that leak. And it smelled diesel.

I took it to a local workshop and they tried to change the gasket, but they couldn't loosen the diesel fuel injectors. Worked with it for about 7 hours. The mechanic called my local Peugeot workshop and I got a good price and all was good, I thought.

Well, They couldn't fix it ( well of course they could, but then it would cost me more than the car was worth 😯
And there was so much more that was wrong that I just as well put it in the scrap yard...

I asked them to make me a list of what was wrong. They did,

And the list was:

Div leaks from engine
Diesel leak to diesel fuel injectors
Exhaust leak (Mek. EGR valve leak and clamp on tube from EGR to manifold

Broken spring right side front
Wheel Bearing right front
Ball joints slack both sides
Webasto pipe rusty
And of course, my tires was a bit warned down 🤔

I was a bit down of course after than but after a while I called back to where I bought the car and they could look at it.

They Put the car in a workshop, and they found the diesel leak in a pipe/hose to the diesel fuel injectors, and they replaced that and pressure tested the diesel fuel injectors and there is no leaks!
And the diesel smell is gone.

And they found the problem with the manifold. And they say they have fixed that as well.

But the sound is still there 😕

I have searched and searched internet for answers, and finally I found this YouTube video, and it sound just like mine. So happy, but it didn't give me an answer.

Link to the YouTube video was not allowed here, but open YouTube and search with this:
"claquement moteur 807 2.2 HDI 3"
And it will show.

This is not my car, but it's exactly the same ticking noise.

Tried to Google translate into English from the first answer, and this is what came up;

It is a 100% leakage of an injector seal, which ultimately distorts the injection into one of the cylinders and causes a detonation delay, result engine clash, redone the 4 seals + protector injector, a blow additive cleaner injector in a full after repair and it is set ...

Any ideas?
grateful for all the help I can get here

best regards

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Your main problem with 807 injectors is IF they need the seals done they wont come out the head as the rain leaks into the top of the engine and rusts everything solid you need hydraulic pressure to remove them and it destroys the injector so you then need a new injector too !!
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