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I have an 807 2.0 hdi (88kw/120hp; year 2008), which i bought in a few months ago.
Firstly my mechanic had changed timing belt (with water pump) and coolant fluid and some other stuff.
Afterwards there was a problem, that A/C didn't blowed cold air, so the A/C radiator was changed and system refilled with A/C gas.
Later I noticed a problem, that engine temp averages approximately on 70'C. First thought that it's faulty thermostat - changed that, still the same...
Yesterday made a run from cold engine start, driving and stopping some 5 times, on every stop checking the tubes and temp.
In beginning the thermostat is not opening, as the tube from thermostat to radiator is cold. Afterwards i drove out to highway, temp was raising till 85'C (thermostat by specification opening on 83'C) and then dropped down to 70'C. After this the tube is hot, so thermostat is open.
Thermostat is changing together with temperature sensor, so the one should be ok. The computer connected to OBD2 also show the same temp as on dashboard. Tested also with infrared thermometer, the temp in filling reservoir is approx the same 70'C. While standing it can go maybe to 80'C, but as I start driving it goes again down to 70'C...

So, I have no more ideas:
1) maybe it's by design, that car temp is 70'C? Who has the same car and can confirm that their temp is also 70'C? (I have been owning it for a little time, so hadn't notice the temp..., mainly it was driven by wife with kids).
2) the replaced thermostat is faulty?
3) maybe there was something wrongly put together when changed A/C radiator? (the A/C radiator is in front, after that is engine radiator).
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