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hello my names rob, sorry for my first post to be a cry for help but i need my car to run my kids around, anyway i'm not a peugeot owner directly but rather the 806's sister the fiat ulysse 2.0 8v XU10J2C Engine which is the same as the 806 engine, i would have got the 806 version but was outbid on one just before i bought the ulysse.

my problem is i have a big engine mount problem and i'm hoping someone on here can give me some adivce and hopefully a name for the part in question,
3 days ago my car came to a sudden halt due to the bolt holding the mount to the clutch area snapped causing me to lose all drive presuming due to the pressure on the driveshaft, i bought a bolt extractor kit and was going to get the bolt out and put a new one in but my buddy pointed out that the area around the broken bolt was cracked so in addition to the bolts i now need the housing but i'm unsure what its name is or what its part number is i've added a photo to attempt to show you what the part is

I had posted on the fiat forum about this but unfortunatley for them no-one responded to my post so i came here instead

thankyou very much for reading this and i hope someone can help me :)
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