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hi guys and girls...

i have just go out side to start the 806 n reg sr 2.0 petrol and turned the key over....all the normal lights perfect and bright, but then flick it over to start where there is a 'clunk' - thats it....the lights dim a little (on load which i expect)and then when the key is returned, brighten up.

i thought it was the battery - so checked this, but its showing a bright green light...but i connected the battery leads to the other car, let it charge but still the same.

So i am thinking that its the starter jammed - i have rocked the vehicle no luck..i was thinking of tapping the starter with a hammer, but where is the starter located?

Has any one else any ideas what could be wrong?? first problem starting in 10 years of ownership..:(

thank you in advance..

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