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I have a 1999 'Roland Garros' Peugeot 806 1.9TD (XUD9TE (D8A) engine) and I just had the head skimmed recently. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine but I am finding conflicting info on the web. The mechanic who is reassembling the engine with me torqued the head bolts, a couple of days ago, to a final 60Nm each (he checked the info. on his laptop pc) but in my manual it says final adjustment is 70Nm followed by a 220 deg turn.

1 - If the 70Nm and a 220 deg turn is correct can I simply apply additional torque to the head bolts etc. (now at 60Nm) and not replace the head gasket or should I replace and start again? Fortunately the engine is not yet in the vehicle.

2 - I have bought new bolts for the engine which are the reusable type - are these ok for use as I am nervous of a bolt snapping when applying the 220deg turn or can I stop at say 180 deg?

Many thanks and merry christmas
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