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Hi guys.

I recently had an injector fail on me fairly catastrophically on in my 61 plate 308 1.6eHDI auto (60k ish on the clock). Got it recovered to my mechanic and replaced it (damn those things are expensive).

He warned me at the time that there is a known problem with these engines and injectors that sometimes 1 injector goes and they tend to all follow suit.

2 weeks on and I get the engine light flash (no breaking down at this point, and the car is running ok). The fault is now showing as injector number two... fucksticks.

Im not planning on getting rid of the car any time soon (not financed) so i have a choice to make: replace the (2nd) failed injector (probably what £500 all in) and risk having the other 2 go and having to pay another couple of hundred each time in labor costs or replace all the 3 (currently untouched) injectors as a preventative measure (which with VAT and labour is probably the best part of £1200).

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