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i live in spain and have purchased a 2nd hand engine from uk. unfortunately the breakers have sent me a 3.0 litre 12valve engine. my query is 1 can i fit the 12 v lump in or will i have problems with the ecu, wiring looms etc or 2 could i transfer the 24v heads onto the 12v block or are the blocks different as its the bottom end on the 24v lump thats shagged (2 pistons poppped out for a breathe of fresh air!!!!!!!) please help. the 1st option would be the favourite as i've heard the engines have got wet liners and are a nightmare to rebuild and as the local diegos have only just got used to not having to put shoes on their donkeys anymore i really don't want to entrust 1 of them with the task of a rebuild.
cheers all
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