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Hi Guys and Gals,

I've been looking through all the old threads relating to what appears to be a common and dangerous problem I am having relating to my 59 1,4 Diesel Peugeot 207. But have not seen a definitive answer.

The problem is the engine cuts out/stalls and car coasts to a stop. Then the Anti pollution warning (and some times low oil sign when the oil is fine) flashes up on the dash. I then have to turn the engine off and back on for it to restart. It starts fine, sometimes it cuts out immediately again other times it goes for weeks before cutting out again.

I have tried driving it in a low gear at speed or in 4th along a stretch of motorway at high revs to clear it but hasnt worked, I have changed the filters and oil but it is still doing it.

Would be good to get some feedback.

Thanks in agvance

Just how common is this and does anyone know if there has been a recall or if there is a way to resolve this problem?
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