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Hi sons 16 valve petrol recovered to driveway after loosing power and "STOP" display on.
Engine turns on starter no bad noises. Water was a bit low so thought it might have been low water sensor refilled but no go and no compression judging by turn over speed
Stripped belt covers and cam covers- belt shredded but pump and pulleys OK. Slowly turned cams and about 3 valve buckets don't pop up so head off job and some valves bent I assume.

How do you time crank to insert the timing pin in the flywheel is it TDC on camshaft end piston or all pistons half up?? other wise firing will be for wrong cylinder won't it

I can see the cam pulley timing holes so they'll be OK but it will need the right crank setting.

Also noticed its a GATES belt would that be original fit Peugot as if change is 80000 its been done but I have no receipt for change and looking for warranty repair from selling dealer
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