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53 Reg 307 1.6s Absoloutly Puzzled!

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Hi, this is my first forum post, i visited the site earlier and it seems their are a few people who really know their stuff so i figured you may be able to help me.

Well, a few weeks ago i bought a Peugeot 307 3 door, its a nice car and all has been great with it... untill today. I walked out the car and noticed that when i was clicking unlock on the key the car wasnt responding at all, so to get in the car i had to use the key manualy. Turned the ignition, got absoloutly no response. Tried starting the car, didnt even tick over, absoloutly no response from the car at all. I thought it was purely a flat battery so along i went and got myself some jump leads. Let the the other car run for about a minute, tried turning the key still got absoloutly no response from the car still. The first time i got in the car this morning all of the dashboard warning lights come on, for example stop, handbrake etc, etc etc, these would stay on even if i took the key out sometimes, very strange.
Also the most interesting thing, when i turn the key one click to the right (and when i turn it back to that position) the (what i can only guess is the central looking light, the light next to the hazzard light switch) flashes quite quickly and thier is a constant clicking noise what sounds like its coming from behind the glove box (probably not, but this gives you an idea), this all stops if i turn the key to any other position.

Sorry if my post was vague, but im not that an experienced car owner, if you need any more informaiton, just ask and il do my best to let you know.

thanks alot,
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Replaced the battery and all is good.
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