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Just wanting to know what would be the probable causes for the engine to be in limp mode/prevent revs reaching 1500rpm and above.

History of car; when i got it it had either electrical issue/mechissues. Found out it had quite a bit more oil than it should have, drained it refilled with new filter. Its a 2.0 HDi with the DW10CTED4 engine. Related discussion ; 508 CAN communication issues and diagnoses of possible...

I have realised that the turbo could be faulty as theres quite a bit of smoke and there was oil in the intake tubing. I have disconnected the intake piping to prevent any oil entering manifold and tried to rev passed 1500. Still nothing.

The air doser is operating fine, as well as the vacuum lines i believe. Both the EGR and Air doser vacuum plungers operate on shut off engine.

Really just want to know if there is anything else i should look that is preventing the engine from revving freely. There is a PA16A0 code - relating to oil seperation. Prob cause for turbo seal failure im guessing.

I've read that an EGR being blocked can prevent engine from revving. The same as a blocked DPF/Cat.

Is there something i can look at in Diagbox/PP2000 to see if the values are correct.
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