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I've had an ongoing issue with both screens (sat nav for circa 18 months and central screen, inbetween speedo and fuel, for about 12 months)

Both screens have died.

The sat nav one worked fine for a while, then during the heatwave in 2018 it only worked intermittently. I had an auto electrician look at it but he was stumped. Diagnostic didn't help as it didn't show up anything helpful either. Tried checking the fuses etc but everything good. After a few months it randomly came back on, not then died again after a week. Because of this I can't use radio, parking sensors, cd, sat nav, Bluetooth etc.

Not long after that the smaller central screen decided to join forces and turn itself off. This has resulted in the speed limiter, cruise control and warning menus not working.

Have many of you had a similar problem and it's it straight forward to fix?


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