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Welcome to diy hell... half the things on this car require a special tool and the hands of a 5 year old...there's Allen keys, torx screws, plastic oil filters, abs rings glued to wheel bearings and all manner of other mindless crap your about to encounter.

They do drive well tho and im pretty sure iv towed over double its own weight.

Don't buy a Haynes manual... almost all sentences end with “take it to a Peugeot dealer”

I had the key problem

assuming the metal part of the key is good and the circuit board inside the key is good

You can buy the empty plastic surround from eBay or amazon for like £2

The plastic surround will come with a blank metal key

seen as you only have one key... take it to a locksmiths and hold your ankles tight.

If the board is bad

a scrap yard will likely give you a load of key fobs.

(the boot has 2 ways of opening... lifting the glass only from under the rear window wiper (check the glass is closed properly it can be opened with the key fob and I press it by mistake all the time) . Or the main handle. also check the wires leading to the boot door (the sedans have a problem where they get damaged from frequent use) if the boot is stuck shut theres a little hole in the plastic of the catch that you can wiggle a screwdriver in to open it.

to program a key you need Peugeot planet 2000 / pp2000 software (that you can only run from a windows 32-bit laptop) and a fake obdII tool from ebay £30-40?

the upgraded version of this software is called lexia 3 but I had nothing but problems trying to install it and pp2000 works fine for me

Lite PP2000 NEC Chip lexia3 For Citroen Peugeot Diagnostic Scanner Diagbox V7.83 | eBay

You will need this obd2 thing and a >>32BIT windows XP laptop <<< for the majority of things on the car

so far iv needed to use a laptop to

change the indicator switch

replace glow-plugs

top up eloys fluid

abs/esp problems

key programming

turn off the damn tyre pressure not monitored warning

if you intend to keep the car your gonna need one and id also recommend taking the rocker cover off and dealing with all that Marmite asap ;)

good luck
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