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Hi guys.

I have had my 407sw 1.6 hdi for a few months now. It came to me with some problems, most of which I have fixed.

Now I am left with a couple of niggles that I hope you knowledgeable chaps can help me with.

I have no EML light - even when there are error codes. It doesn't appear when the ignition is turned on either.

Also, no glow plug light - same as above.

I have one error code: p1351 which I believe relates to the glow plug system.
When cleared, it just keeps coming back.

When I first got the car, it was giving a whole list of codes. All but the p1351 disappeared after I found and reconnected a vacuum pipe to the turbo.

I had the 'depollution system faulty' message before fixing the turbo pipe but since then no warning has appeared.

So my questions are: How can I find out why my two missing lights don't work (fuses, relays etc.) and is there a procedure for checking the glow plug system to kill the p1351 error code?

I have had the instrument cluster out but found that the lamps can't be replaced - they're LED soldered to the circuit board. (or am I wrong?)

With regards to the glow plugs, could there be a faulty relay somewhere? However, as they are only used to run a DPF forced regeneration cycle surely my 'depollution system fault' message should still be there?

Apart from these, the car runs smoothly with decent power and is returning an average of 47mpg (which seems correct to me).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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