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Hello guys,
i have one question:
In few weeks i'll buy some new alloy wheels and i was wondering if it's possible to put 407 coupe wheels on regular 407?

I have 407 2.0 hdi, and i wanted to put tyres with 235/45R18 dimensions. I saw few 407s with that tyres ,so that's ok, but i wanted to ask for rims.

Here are rims dimensions:
407 coupe: Galaxie 18" 8J18CH5-41

There are rims specially for 407 (according to peugeot web site):
Soleil 18'' 7.5J18CH5-46

It's same size, same number of carriers.. so i suppose that it wouldn't be a problem to fit Galaxie on 407, am i right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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