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407 VDU display

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The Vdu fades to nothing when the weather/interior of the car gets hot. The engine coolant is o.k. and engine not overheating. The displays just fades to unreadable. Any ideas, please?:confused:
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Common fault with 407s.
My first one did it badly, I bought a second hand unit.
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Thank you xliniain, much appreciated. Though it would have to be replaced. Cheers. dragonnose.
Very common problem and not just on the 407. The 307's also suffered from this problem. I believe it's the heat affecting the actual liquid crystal unit rather than the electronics. I once tried fitting a substantial alluminium plate to the PCB in the MFD to try and take heat away from the PCB chips but it made no difference. All that was left was to buy a good replacement.
Have just replaced both on my 2 407's, common problem.

If you buy from the dealer, be prepared to part with body parts, close family members etc...

Plenty on ebay, I got these.. 12 Pin Multifunction Radio LCD Display Screen Yellow For Peugeot 407 2004 onward | eBay

Be warned that you will need to use Diagbox/PP2000 to set them up for your car as they come shipped with all options disabled so none of your menu/stalk buttons will work to change language/time etc etc until a host of options are enabled.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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