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Do some body have same experience with 56reg. 407 2.0HDi turbo noise?
My car make noise like ambulance, every time between 1500rpm to 2000rpm and now get from 1200rpm to 2000rpm, it is really annoying.
I'm driving this car more than 1year, but it is start doing this noise only two months ago, this car has been checked in Peugeot garage and they resold was no problem found. One car mechanic told me this is turbo and it doesn't sounds to be good.
I'm just would like to ask if somebody have the some experience, or Peugeot just start making unreliable cars and putting hands of any trebles, specially expensive ones.
This car don't even have 40000miles.

I tried t complain to Peugeot customer services, but no success, just the some answer, it is typical for all 407's.
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