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Hi Steve. Any Peugeot dealer can supply with one, but they are around £15. Other than that, your best bet is probably Ebay.
General rule of thumb re: MP3 capability, if it can it will have MP3 printed on the front of the head unit, if it doesn't it can't. Or, suck it and see lol. Stick an MP3 disc in and see what happens, it can only do nothing.
The left hand stalk on the steering column is for the cruise control/speed limiter.


Jon :)

stepheng said:

I have a UK 407 SW base model (2004) that was delivered from a leasing company with no user manual. Is there somewhere I can pick one up without having to buy it ? i.e. download it ? I'm not sure what the button on the left-hand stalk does or if the CD will play MP3's.

Steve Gray
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