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Hello all,
New here and new the world of Peugeot!

Just brought a 54 plate 407 SW and since I picked it up I've read some alarming things about them, most notably the clutches going every 20,000 miles and the ball joints suffering from heavy wear. It's got 53000 miles on it so I was hoping for a good few miles of reasonably trouble free motoring! It drives well and overall I like the car, other than a few miles after picking it up it a fault told me there was an "airbag or seatbelt pretensioner fault", the guy in the garage told me it was because the battery was flat so not sure yet if this is a problem, hasn't done it other than when I first picked it up.
I'm sure you can find bad reports about every car on the planet if look on the net but thought I'd join in here for some Peugeot action and see if anyone has any thoughts or advice on things I should be looking out for.

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