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We were sold a brand new 2.0L HDi Peugeot 407 SW a year ago by our local dealer, as "the taxi of the future" but in the last 8 months it has lost us thousands in revenue due to being off the road multiple times.

The problem we are having keeps re-occurring but the dealer insist there is nothing wrong. After the car has been running for several hours it starts to surge if you accelerate slowly from 15-30 mph - the revs drop by about 200rpm then jump back up again giving a "kangeroo" effect and fuel efficiency plummets.

When the car is not surging (which unfortunately is rare nowadays) our drivers are able to reach and maintain 34-38 MPG over an 8-10 hour shift; when the car is surging this plummets to 25 MPG which causes our costs to increase dramatically by thousands over the period of the year.

We feel it is a problem with the on board computer which controls the automatic gear changing as when the car is driven in manual mode but accelerated at the same rate the problem does not occur.

So far we have received no useful service or help from either our dealer or Peugeot and we are now considering legal action in order to void the finance contract as the vehicle is not fit for purpose.

Has anyone else noticed the same problems with their 407 SW 2.0 HDi (2007 model) and if so did you ever find a solution? We are losing as much as £1000 a week at the moment when the car is off the road so we need to find a solution as soon as possible.


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