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Hope you guys can help with this problem.
I've got a 2007 407 sw with the RD4 radio set up. Since new, I've been using an old Nokia phone to connect to it using bluetooth and every thing has worked great.
Now I've got a new Motorola mobile with the latest A2dp (?) type of bluetooth and it doesn't work, well not properly.
The car recognises the phone no problem but I have no contact list and no phone imformation on the screen. Oddly though, I can make and receive a call using the phone itself and it still comes out through the car speakers.
Peugeot just refer me to the dealer. But I've spoken to my dealer who doesn't seem to have a clue.
Any one any ideas? Thanks for your help.


The RD4 is compatible with bluetooth up to class 2. If your phone uses a newer protocol, or a manufacturers own oddball version (like the iBone) you may indeed find all the functions may not work. I can't see an easy way round that one.
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