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Had this 1 year old 407 SW with 50K kms with it, it's Evente in Malaysian market with 100k or 3 years warranty on it.

Had an ABS warning light followed by PRN (that's the gearbox!) warning light came up one morning & the car going at 2nd gear only ! Drove it to the authorised service center & was told that the ABS fault is linked to the gearbox warning light as well (any truth in his ?). Got the ABS faulty sensor at front right wheel replaced for free & no problem for about a month until this am.

Noticed when braking at low speed, a squeking sound will come from the same right front wheel now like before the 1st ABS problem happened...

Another thing is this lag/stalling when depressing hard the accelerator during driving at 2nd/3rd gear(it's auto, so i'm assuming here!), the gearbox will have a sudden lag/stalling before kicking in at 1st gear.

Is this behavior normal to other user's out there?

Other than that, the car is wonderful to drive !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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