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Does anyone know which version of BlueTooth the RD4 stereo uses, and whether it can be upgraded ??

I understand it is made by Clarion - my car is a 2006 407 with RD4 featuring Hands-free (BlueTooth), and a CD slot plus boot CD stacker.

The car keeps 'crashing' my Blackberry and my Wife's Sony-Ericson by Bluetooth connection. Once they are reset hard, we can use them with other Bluetooth devices - the culprit seems to be the 407/RD4.

I see Blackberry haven't verified Peugeot on their list of their devices

I see people have also had issues with Bluetooth devices running WM6.

(Technical gore if it helps : my Blackberry works for a while, but then the call cuts out; Bluetooth seems to be on and won't turn off but is not on, and calls are only audible through the speaker not the normal earpiece).

Thanks in advance for any ideas what I can do with this RD4 .....

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