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I recently bought a used 407, 2005, 2.0 petrol. I am trying to clean it up and to restore it's full functionality.

I have encountered questions about the functions of the car. The main problems are around the radio and the display.

Firstly, the display is type c and I know I have rear parking asistance, but in vehicle paramaters there are only options for guide me home headlights, permanent boot locking and automatic headlamps. I also have the audio system located near the rear view mirror that has a built in microphone for telephone. I suspect from the parameters I can identify in the car that there should be more options on the display. The display right now displays Air Conditioning, Personalization, Trip Computer and Radio/CD functions.

Secondly, I know that some parts on the car are not original. I have identified that is most probably has been in a crash and there have been changes made to the driver door and some other parts, but I don't know how far do the changes span.

In all I wish to find out what functions I can Identify in the car and what needs to be swaped out in electronics to make it original. I have tried VIN decoders, but they don't list all the addons.
Is there a way I can check the original add ons the original client bought or any manuals where there are detailed versions of the parts, so I can try to identify everything.

Thank you for your time!
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