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A few months ago I bought a 407 2.0 HDI SW (it's the RHR engined one)

I wrote a huge post detailing the issues with the car and what I've done to resolve them... but figured that nobody would bother to read it...

so key facts:

the car is down on power, (drives like the turbo is shot)

when driving, and looking at reference and measured values in planet.

The turbo request, and repeat position, (which I gather is measured at the turbo) are following each other.

however the measured pressure is always at, (well a little below) atmospheric pressure.

Can anyone make any suggestions as to what is wrong?

I believe that the turbo repeat position reading the same as the request position should give a pretty clear green light to the turbo, (and associated vac hoses/solenoids etc.)

the only things I can thing that could be wrong are:
knackered turbo, - where the VVT nozzles are no longer controlled at all by the actuator, so regardless of the actuator position there is no pressure.
but I'm not sure of that is actually possible...

Knackered pressure sensor, - but I'd have thought if that were the case the car would cut out as there would be much more air that fuel.

knackered piping/inter-cooler.
This seems most likely, but given I can't even see the ends of half the pipes, how exactly could I check this?

- I mean a way I can cheat, should the system hold pressure after the airbox? (so can I remove the airbox and try to put some pressure in, and determine if it leaks, or will this simply not work? - I mean do I have to remove and inspect each hose?

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If the car runs on excess air, it will just feel like it's low on power generally. It would only stall/run rough, if it runs excessively low on fuel - iirc.

Everything up until the turbo should be under atmospheric pressure or a bit lower, after the turbo, it should be pressurised.

If it's probably a boost leak, try and listen out for whistling / wooshing sounds.

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We have had a couple of members on the facebook page with a similar if not the same issue,solved be replacing the little 'y' connector beside the air filter housing.

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