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Hi to everyone.

I am really hoping that some of you on this site can help me with the problems I am having with my 407 2.0HDi. Please excuse any vagueness as I am not a mechanic just a frustrated 407 owner who desperately needs help.

All my problems started when I had to have the diesel additive topped up at about 98,000 miles. My car is a taxi and I cover high mileage. Each day I have off work with problems costs me a fortune.

Basically the engine started to knock which I initially thought was lifters and rockers. However after a Peugeot technician friend put the car on the Planet software it was discovered that the flow corrections on the injectors were incorrect. The car was then taken to John Hoggs in Sheffield where they tested the injectors and found them to be working correctly. However when refitted and coded the knocking had disappeared. So I thought it was a bit of dirt in the nozzles and everything was now ok. However after a few days the knocking came back. At this point I was advised to contact Feather Diesels in Elland near Halifax. They put all four injectors through a series of about 200 tests on their diagnostic equipment. Each injector failed and it was decided they needed to be rebuilt at a cost of £875.00.

Once again everything was fine for about 3 or 4 days when the mysterious knocking came back. So it was off back to Feather Diesels to call in the guarantee. However when removed and tested the injectors were found to be faultless. But once installed and re-coded the knocking had disappeared again. Once again the car was fine for 3 or 4 days and the knocking re-appeared. However the knocking is now accompanied by rattly lifters and rockers.

When the engine is cold the lifters and rockers do not rattle, I think this is due to the oil being thicker when cold. However as soon as it gets hot the lifters and rockers rattle along with the ever present mysterious diesel knock.

My train of thought is that the EGR valve has become coked up with carbon and this has somehow found its way into the valve train and injection system causing the lifters and rockers to become somehow dislodged. The injectors work correctly for a few days after removal, testing, refitting and coding because they are cleaned while out of the engine. They then become contaminated again after a few days and start to cause incorrect fueling which causes the diesel knock.

Does the above sound plausible to those of you in the know. If so how can I remedy?

If it helps any the ECU and injection system is Delphi and not Siemens or Bosch.

Any help/advice with this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am pulling my hair out and the downtime is costing me a fortune in lost earnings.


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