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Hi all,

I recently replaced the battery in my 2007 Peugeot 407 2.0 Diesel. After installing the new battery, every time I:

- Unlock the vehicle using the remote key fob
- Open any door / boot of the vehicle after a few minutes when the engine is off

The hazard / parking lights flash very quickly for about one minute.

For example, I unlock the car in the morning to get to work, the hazard lights flash for a minute. When they are flashing, if I turn on the engine, they keep flashing until the one minute is over. Then lets say I forgot something in the house, so I go back inside, so the car is unlocked and dormant - then when I come back outside and open the door to get in, the lights flash again for one minute.

I did follow the battery removal procedure as explained on this forum where you open the drivers window and leave the car for a few minutes before disconnecting the battery etc.

Any help would be appreciated because its very embarrassing driving my car away from my home with hazard lights flashing quickly.

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