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Putting this out in its own thread by request.
Not intending to cause a panic or anything, just as something to keep an eye out for.
Bit of background which may be related. Start of November both of the rear bushes on the front lower arms was replaced for MOT, steering was the best it had ever been since I owned the car. Couple of weeks back the steering on the car went vague towards the end of a 150 mile trip and the steering wheel wasn't quite alligned with the direction of travel. Topped up the power steering fluid (which was low) and had the tracking adjusted and all seemed okay so didn't think anything of it.

Fast forward to last week when I was driving down the A1 earlier and had to tw*t the brakes pretty hard to avoid a lorry pulling out at the last minute. Car squirmed to the right then suddenly the steering was vague and the steering wheel was at 45 degrees to the left when the car was going straight. As it was about 3 miles from home, I carefully limped home at 50mph and 30 yards from my house (now off the A1) turned onto my road and there was a nasty clunk (or three) and the steering went funny and the ESP light came on.
Checked the passenger side wheel (it was better lit)...

... nothing to see there. Driver's side however....

Steering wheel here is centered. Passenger wheel is pointing exactly where you'd expect it to, driver's side is further back in the arch AND pointing to the right.
Looked behind the wheel.


The AA came out and spent an hour trying to get it back in but couldn't with the car on the road so towed it to the garage who fixed it. Neither know how the bolt came loose but I've been checking it daily since.
Hopefully just something that happens to my car but might be something worth checking when making your regular checks. Can be seen with the wheel on full lock in either direction.
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