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Hi, I have an ABS system failure on my 407 SW. The error occurs on startup when the car is NOT moving. I have bought a new wheel sensor and fit it to each front sensor in turn to see if the error clears... It did not. The questions I would like to ask, are. 1. does the car need to be moved in order for the sensor to register as good after a fault. 2. Are the rear sensors the same as the front, (as I haven't looked yet). 3. Will replacing a faulty sensor with a new one clear the fault straight away ?

Also I now have a depollution system error. I have looked at a lot of these types of sites, and there seems to be many repairs for this issue i.e. fap filter and additive, fuel cap sensor, fap priming, pressure sensor, etc. I ALWAYS do long journeys, and always fill up the tank when re-fulling. I have had no previous errors before this, except the ABS error, so any idea's.

Any help will be appreciated as I'm a stubborn ex mechanic, who hates the new fangled cars that you can't fix yourself.

Cheers Lee
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