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Can I compare notes on my alternator/battery? Does this look normal?

* After a short run today, with everything off I had 12.5V at the battery terminals with a current draw of about 45mA (I don't trust that this value was accurate, clamp meter on low DC range).

* Ignition on, but not running, 12.3V with 125 mA (ish) current draw.

* Engine at idle, dipped headlights, 14.24V at battery terminals.

* With some revs (not sure how many, but above idle) 14.28V at battery terminals.

Battery was new in March.

The reason for asking was that it took several attempts to open the boot Friday. Last time that happened several weeks later I found the battery flattening over the weekend (to 3.5V!). I replaced the battery. The boot issue has made me somewhat concerned that it may happen again.

I put the battery on a small charger on the weekend and after that everything seems normal including the boot latch which was an early warning last time.

I'm, thinking that the voltages above indicate that everything is fine with the alternator and that the regulator is working reasonably well. However, I am concerned about whether the charging voltage is high enough for a lead-calcium battery, and nowadays they all seem to be lead-calcium.

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