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I've a troublesome 407 1.6HDI which I've had for 7 years. Its been great - up until now. I've a random mis/stammer going on, the turbo is getting noisy.. the DMF sounds like a bag of sparrows chirping at idle! I think its time to send it to the scrappy and cut my losses.

My problem is this... my wife has a bad back and the ONLY car out of I'm sure 40+ we've tried that suits her, is our old 407. I traded it 2 years ago for a clean E280 CDI, only to buy the 407 back 2 days later.

So, I'm hunting a low mileage 407 (in NI) with height adjustable passenger seat and lumbar adjustment for the passenger. Those seats are better than pain killers for her... she can be in pain, take a drive in my car and come back pain free. Its worth more than any price I can pay.

So... I've seen a 2008 2.2HDI with 58k on it locally. I've been hoping to find the "right" 2.0 - something I can get 5+ years out of. I see so many 2.0s with 180k+ on them - but what about the 2.2?? Is it reliable?

I assume DPF, DMF etc haunt it like any other diesel nowadays, but would you advise I hold tight for a 2.0? There are 2 x 2008 2.0's locally but they have around 80k on them.
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