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I bought my 407 used almost a year ago and have had some problems with it.
While most of it has been solved already, there's one problem that just seems impossible to fix.

When the engine is cold it works fine, but when it's warm and in idle or going at low speeds, the whole car shakes. It has been to a peugeot workshop but they could not locate the problem and gave me some fluid to put in the gas tank, that was a couple months ago and didn't seem to help at all.

Also, the engine temperature meter on the dashboard is really slow, it takes quite a bit of driving before it moves to its normal position, even after the car has only been turned off for a minute.

My dad who is pretty good at fixing cars and finding problems thinks it could be that it's trying to give too much fuel to the engine and that the root of the problem is that temp sensor. "When a car is cold the engine gets more fuel, so if the temp sensor is bad the car thinks that it's cold all the time, making it give more fuel all the time." He said something like that.

I really like the car, but it feels really bad to drive something that keeps shaking, so hopefully someone here knows something about what we could try to fix it.

While I don't think this would have anything to do with it, the heater flaps are broken too. Just putting it there in case it would be something that could cause something like this.
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