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Hi Guys, Need a little help if you can please. I have a 407 petrol that's recently started to sputter and stutter fairly soon after start up. It's used oil for abt 10 yrs and does give off a plume of blue smoke when driving. The car has ran as well as a petrol 407 can for yrs until this problem arose. I didnt use the car for 5 wks apart from one start up and im not sure thats relevant. I've tried regular redex treatment which i thought had sorted it but if car is left for a few days then it starts to sputter just after start up & today i had to switch it off as it was about to stall tragically. Its like its being choked to death!
I restarted engine within a minute and it cleared up and was pretty much fine again. Otherwise it runs great when its used everyday with abt 3x 60mile runs a week.
I seem to remember when i changed the spark plugs 2yrs ago there was oil on the plugs & i was thinking maybe that could be the problem, especially if it has worsened. I don't know if there is spark plug well seals on the car? Or is it the rocker cover gasket? Or os there a complete rocker cover? Outside my knowledge base ? Im hoping it isnt the cylinder head gasket because i believe its not worth fixing if it's that. I had hoped to keep another year as it just passed MOT and but it will 4 tyres soon, hence i'm hesitating to change them in case this problem is terminal. Im heading to mechanic friend next week but he's not to experienced on peugeots so i figured this may be the place to ask before we start digging.
I've got some new plugs ordered but the car runs fine when the stuttering & spluttering has cleared which suggests the plugs are ok and injectors are likely cleared too? Any ideas?! Can anyone clarify if there is individual spark plug well seals or whether new rocker gaskets would help stop oil in plugs. Grateful for any replies.
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