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im new but please dont hold it against me ;)

im doing some MOT work on my girlfriends 406 estate, S reg.

i just tried changing a "tie rod end", all seemed to be going well, i dont think i managed to maintain the tracking exactly but a garage can sort that.

problem is, when i did up the nut on the balljoint end, fixing it to the wishbone, i think i did it too tight. It got tighter and tighter and then i felt something go and then as i turned the nut, the pin that it was threading onto started turning with it. Asthough i had broken the top end of the balljoint perhaps?

Im going to try to get another one tomoro but i just wanted to see if I had broken it. There doesnt seem to be any sort of mechanism for locking the pin section of it, like an allen key hole or similar.

And for tomorrow.... What should i torque it up to, to save me the same problem again?

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