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hi there
i`ve`just joined and have recently purshased this 2.2hdi with 123000 otc,im gradually going through the car and renewing a few bits,is anyone able to inform me of a couple of issues.
1st, i`ve got a low buzzing comin through the speakers when i switch the lights on either manually or auto mode?? the buzzin is like a low freq hum,quite noticable at low volume settings.
2nd is there an inline fuse to the sat nav cd unit in the rear,as the lights not on ,and i1ve got no joy with the remote, i`ve checked the fuse under dash its fine as this also protects the merory saeting/mirrors,settings these work!!(the remote works as it alters the display ok)
3rd does anyone know if the sunroof and mirrors fold in and shut ( they close normally useing the elecric controls),when i use the key fob to arm and deadlock the car (which raises the windows if open) or is this function another factory option?
4th the drivers heated seat is not workin although the fuses are ok,is there a commen fault?? many thanks andy
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