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im new to the forums so please forgive any ignorance displayed in this thread.

Really need some help, the particulate warning light has been on and off for ages, im talking over a year.

The last straw came when a smell of burning was coming into the car and we thought it was electrical at the time.

turns out that the flexi hose has gone due to the back pressure from the particulate filter which is blocked. (im quoting)

the car went for a regen but only partially regenerated.

the eolys has never been used as the car was never 'told' when it was topped up.

also the pump that intrduces the eolys to the system may have broken.

i have no idea which way to turn and cant do anything myself.

i saw a post off Jonbon which stated that he knew an independant with diag equipment in the North West but i cant PM as i am new.

I have read about drilling the filter, washing the filter etc but the problem has been overcomplicated due to the length of time and further damage.

does anybody know of the independant that Jon Bon has mentioned.

I need to know my options as i love my car but maybe this is terminal,:(

Please help and forgive any mistakes in my explanation but im sure you will know what im getting at.

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