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gogs440 said:
I have a 406 HDI 110 on a T '99' plate, the problem is that the car is very sluggish on pickup and up hills. The car appears as if the turbo is not working, but at about 3000 rpm you get the turbo kicking in slightly. When the car is stationary, and you rev the engine you can here the turbo whistling. Have taken car to local garge and to local peugeot dealer and both cannot find the fault. Their are no Engine management lights on the dash, and when a computer is plugged in it shows no error codes. I have been informed by my local garage that it could be the wastegate for the turbo, if so where is this located.



The turbo wastegate regulator valve/solenoid thats mounted on the o/s inner wing at the back.
I used to find that a simple analogue gauge that would swing both ways from vacuum to pressure was a sure fire way to check for boost pressure on most turbo charged cars.
Does the car feel gutless or does it still pull quite well ?
Check the pipe from the solenoid to the wastegate on the turbo as well.
You could check the resistence across the terminals of the turbo soleniod/valve, if memory serves you could expect a reading of around 25 to 35 ohms approx
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