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I'm hoping someone can help.
I have a late 2003 hdi 110 exec car with a aircon problem.

the air con used to work fine but now it's only cold when doing more then 40mph.
If I go slower the aircon gets warmer.
I have had it re gassed and thats all fine. I had the local garage test it and they have said the ecu is sending a signal to switch on the radiator fan but its not responding.
and its £500 for them to fit a new fan. but they are not sure it will solve the problem.

the car engine never over heats but I have also never noticed the fan working.

I have had a look on ebay and all the fans are 2 pin fans.
The fan on my car has the wiring loom hard wired to the fan no plug.
The fan loom plugs in to connectors on both sides of the car. On the right hand side of the car it connects to a relay and the supply wire.
the left hand side of the loom plugs in to a 3 pin connector on the side of the radiator which i think goes back to the ecu.

so not like most 406s with relays next to the fan and 2 pin connector.

I have tested the relay and that is working fine. If I connect a 12v supply to the larger fan wires the fan does not respond. So im assuming it only works when the ecu sends a command.

what I would like to know is is there a way to test this fan. and does anyone know the part number for this type of fan or where I can get one for a sensible price.


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Hi, if you have access to Planet ( the diagnostic programme ) the fans can be activated this way.

Please add your location details to your profile, and maybe someone local can help?

I believe the fan assembly in my donor car ( 2004 exec ) is the same set-up as yours too.
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