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.... Sadly, i've failed to upload pictures which were too many KBs but here goes if you have a late 406 estate with aerial at rear of roof.

Unbeknown to me at the start its packed with electronics, but luckily a
family member was the saving guru.

Okay, so reception was poor and on seeing an immaculate original on a scrap yard car I changed it and all worked perfectly (but only for a month)

Changing the unit is not as hard as it looks - you can peel of plastic trimmings around the tailgate aperture , get your hands between the roof and roof lining, use a long kitchen knife to persuade the velcrow to let go of the roof lining and then with it dropped down some more, access the connecting wires. In my car's case - three of them, as the car has the sat nav.

It's a wriggle, some connectors you pull , some you have to squeeze inwards first.

You can now get a large (22m I think) socket on the single nut and remove the aerial.

If you can get another- ideally go for this- if you know about electronics - you might try a repair....

1) Peel off the rubber base cover and you'll find a steel base plate held in place with 6 tiny screws - typically rusty (they only go into plastic but I drilled the heads off and, got the unit apart, later twisted out the screws' remains and installed new ones)

2) With the unit apart can see the circuit board - ignore the big white square- that's for the sat nav and probably indestructible.

3) A clean up of the circuit board and checking for 'dry joints' , helped by a soldering iron, might give you a fix.

4) In my case, my friend found moisture around the base had led to corrosion, killing 3 'pin-head' sized resistors in the circuit board. He replaced these with a single resistor which he admitted was 'best guess' and with it having no identity!

5) Re-assembly is easy but perhaps include some extra silicone sealant to keep out moisture

6) being careful, you can do all without even leaving a crease in the roof lining !

Its now 2 months ago and all still works fine on my 406 exc.

Hope this is useful and please give me the 'thumbs up' if I've helped by writing this - I can email photos of the inside parts too if it helps you

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