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Hi there,

I'm new to this forum, I really hope some kind soul can help me with this!

I've just bought a 2000 V plate 406 executive and I appear to have a bit of an electrical problem.

There seems to be a problem where things which are meant to have a constant feed aren't getting one. The hazard lights, central locking, radio and clock aren't working with the ignition off, but they do work when the key is turned to the 2nd ignition position.

With ignition turned to the first position, I get interior light, glove box light and electric mirrors but nothing else. I also don't get the red battery indicator on the dash.

I believe that there was a similar issue with the heater blower but a bit of dodgy wiring by someone else just before I bought it appears to have fixed / bypassed this for the moment.

Hopefully someone can be of some assistance?

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