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I have a 406 diesel with the 8BDHX ENGINE
Has run 100k+ really well.
Has developed several problems which I expect are linked.
engine warning light comes on after long deceleration, engine coughs and lumps, back on with the power, runs Ok again.
Starts well when cold (= Glow plugs OK?).
Reluctant to start when warm !! (has got progressivly worse)
When engine is cold can not immediatly turn it off , have to stall it.( as in a quick stop start)
Engine sounds rattler than normal and having to drive it harder than normal
Just passed its MOT today with no faults found. ( emmisions OK = injectors OK?)

buts its not right....

handbook says the diesel injection is semi electronic. Could the problem lie here.
Im not able to identify the parts and sensors of the pump ( appreciate a link)
My thoughts are some temperature sensing is at fault and adjust the pump incorrectly.

suggestions /advice welcome.



Indeed, that model uses a standard type diesel pump, but with some electronic control over some of the fuelling parameters. I would think it likely the fault could be related to that.

It might be worth visiting the excellent and ever helpful lunatics over on as it's likely they've come across this before. If you do find the fault, post the remedy on here so our members can share the knowledge.

good luck,

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