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A Peugeot dealership charged me ?47 for the privilege of plugging in a diagnostic tool to locate the reason why the side airbag light came on. The report advised "permanent fault with o/s air bag e.c.u" & "intermittent fault twin e.c.u wiring and control unit".

When I asked what the next step was, 3 different employees have given 3 different solutions. The only consistent advice was to pay a further ?141 so that they could check the wiring, although after this, there may be nothing wrong with the wiring and the garage still may not be able to diagnose the problem.

I'm flabbergasted that I can be charged nearly ?200 and still not be told for definite what the problem is and be given a guaranteed cost to fix it.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with the 406 Coupe? If so, what was done to resolve the issue?
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