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406 Coupe 2.0 Petrol loses power and cuts out occasionally

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I've been looking through previous posts for similar problems, but they all appear to be related to diesel engines.

I've got a '98 2.0 petrol coupe (auto) that's done 38k and it keeps losing power intermittently. There's no set pattern as to when it happens; I can be doing 70 on the motorway and can feel it stutter momentarily and then it carries on as normal. If I'm stopped, or going slowly, it's more noticeable and sometimes cuts out. This can happen whether it's been running for a few minutes or over an hour.

The ECU warning light does come on sometimes, but not always and I suspect it's fuel related, rather than electrical.

Any ideas as to what I need to check?


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It'd be good to get the codes red, but my gut call is a failing coil/coil pack.
chopper1192 said:
It'd be good to get the codes red, but my gut call is a failing coil/coil pack.
Thanks Chopper1192, I'll see about getting the codes read before going any further.

By the way, I saw your reply to someone considering buying a 406 coupe 2.0: "It's as if superman did the design, but Clark Kent did the drivetrain." how right you are!
They're not too bad, it's just the body promises more than that engine can deliver. If you're a more mature driver and not prone to bouts of hooning it's not an unpleasant proposition.
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