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hey guys,

I have two Peugeot 406

YEAR: 2002

MODEL : 406

ENGINE: 2000 cc


BEFORE: when I plugged on the Peugeot planet to it, accessed the BSI

I had a lot of functions I could go into and adjust like lighting, fuel, interior, exterior, air condition, sunroof, etc you name it its there

NOW: When I do it, only basic things are coming up. either yes or no and no further features

IT IS AS if the BSI lost features and adjustments?

this is like recently ....

I HAVE tried that BSI reset thing that I found on the forum and I never seem to hear that "beep" or it works


my both cars drive

but have problems such as lights flashing, ac problems, etc

I WILL like to know how to fix this and go about getting back all the features of the BSI to go into and properly set my cars


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