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Hello all. Am new to the wonderful world of Peugeot but so far so good! I have a couple of queries about a '97 406 Diesel Estate I recently bought;

It's basically in good condition but there is a fluid leak to the right of the engine bay and it doesn't look like engine oil (although I could be wrong). The power steering tank is coated on an oily substance that also covers the various pipes and wheelarch below it, collecting on the engine mount base. Does anyone have any ideas that / why this is and how I can fix it for £0.99??

Also, some of the dash bulbs are blown (speedo and some of the heater controls are in darkness. I'm guessing replacement is fairly straightforward (I have the Haynes)? However, the digital milometer does not come on at all and I'm worried this might be a costly problem?? Really hope someone can assist. Cheers.
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