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Got some things to fix on this car after failed MOT. The tricky one is:

Brake pressure regulator (mounted on bracket underneath body between rear wheels) spring including bracket on stabilizer bar - failed. After only 20 years of operation !

The hole in the bracket has become oblong and finally a slit was cut all the way to open the hole enough for the spring to slide out. The spring also is worn flat to, probably escalating the cutting effect.

This is easy to fix - if only spare parts were readily available.

Anybody know of such spares ? My local Peugeot garage gave me the OE no. 486182, but could not help to order since out of stock (and production ?).

Today I went along to my specialist par part supplier to get help with sourcing. They too could not order this part from their supplier A.B.S. since not available. Luckily I did get a list of other possible suppliers:

ALANKO ABS-system part no. 10307970
GIRLING ABS-system part no. 8001288
NK ABS-system part no. 893719
TRW ABS-system part no.GPV1288

Anybody have experience with these suppliers or idea for how to fix ?

Best regards from M
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