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Hi All,

I own a 406 2.0 HDI motorcode RHS. with FAP and auto gearbox.
car has rounded 300.000km.

The problem is really lack of power.

I have PP2000, and tried to analyze the problem.
replaced MAP ,MAF, FAP + additive.

When i try to activate EGR valve , Heater blower in PP2000 all i can hear is a relay in the engine fuse box clicking. Also what seems to ba relay around the Diesel filter seem to click. But no fans running (low/high speed). And no EGR valve clicking.

I am able to see live data and make tests on instruments, diesel additive valves.

I hope this is not the engine ECU. Is there a way I can check, or maybe reflash /reset the engine ECU ?

Any ideas will be usefull, THanx in advance . Søren Gamst
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