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What a subject for my first post! (AL4 auto box)

I've a 1999 2.0 auto petrol 406 saloon with an AL4 box fitted which has been brilliant for all of it's 140k miles. Regularly serviced -and driven by me since new (It was my company car then I bought it)

BUT :(

Yesterday I was driving a couple of 6 mile journeys (there and back) and on the return started getting a "slipping clutch" (I know it's an auto but that was the effect) and the dreaded "sport and snow" lights started flashing.

By taking it easy and also having to stop for a few minuites on several occasions I got home but in the end the drive was dissapearing after about 60secs of driving.

I initially thought it was tranny fluid level -as it is due for a major service - but I've topped the level up (what a chore!!) - no improvement - then I thought the viscosity of the fluid might have been trashed on the drive home so this morning I chanaged the tranny fluid.

Still No improvement!

Any idea's PLEASE


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